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At Eco Fire Stoves we provide affordable multi-fuel stoves to any part of England. We pride ourselves
on being friendly and realiable, with an after sales service that is second to none.
We offer a complete service, starting from FREE advice on which stove will best suit your requirements,
all the way through to the rain cap on top of your new flue system. We can also put you in touch with
trusted HETAS registered fitters. We even stock spares and accessories.  
We believe consumers will benefit from our products which wil not only save on their heating bils,
but will enhance their homes with great design and relaxing natural heat. A multi-fuel stove is not
only a focal point, but provides managebles heat and confort, offering 4 times the efficiency of an open fire, where most of heat escape up to the chimney ! A stove is much cleaner and safer than an open fire, and most can be kept running overnight; also the tedious job of clearing ashes every morning is eliminated. 
Our products all run on renewable fuels, such wood log and wood pellet wich are renewble and sustainable products. A renewable future is also essential for the planet, cutting down our dependence on gas and oil; we are committed to helping th UK reduce its carbon emissions through providing best value products and services that have the most impact on CO2. 
This includes areas of heating such biomass wood pellets, wood boilers, solar thermal and hot water acumulation.
Please Note: If you're interested in purchasing a stove and would like to know what size you require, then go to our special
kWh Calculator Page where you will be able to calculate your requirements in either metres or feet and inches.
We can accep orders by telephone, and we accept most major cards or cheques.

We are available Monday to Saturday between 10am and 5pm. It is advasible that you telephone first, as the showroom is not manned at all the times.

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