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Installation with Eco Fire Stoves

We offer a complete installation service with our own in-house installation team. Our expert installers are HETAS trained engineers to ensure safety and giving you peace of mind. We can offer a complete installation service, from removing your existing fireplace to installing your new stove.


We understand that appliances may be purchased elsewhere, but it may be advisable to contact us for a quotation on the appliance you require which will help maintain the manufacturer's warranty.


We can on most occasions restore a leaking chimney to a fully working, safe and more efficient unit in the same day. We supply and install chimney linings including, flexible stainless steel and rigid stainless flue systems. Also we supply and install pots, cowls and bird guards.


Yes! you can even fit a stove if you do not have a chimney. The easiest option is to have a twin wall flue system which is a steel chimney that is added to your property.


All our installations are subject to a site survey fee, depending on the distance from our base in Hinckley however this is free within a 15 minute drive time.


Why use a HETAS approved installer?

A HETAS approved installer will have the skills and training to install your stove safely and to a very high standard.

A HETAS installer will be able to self-certify the installation and will be able to provide you with the HETAS Certificate on the day of the installation. Technically if you have to wait for the building control officer to come out then you should not use the stove until you have been cleared to do so.

HETAS explained

HETAS is the official body recognised by the Government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services including the registration of competent installers.


Chimney Maintenance & Repair:

Keep your chimney well maintained, or your heating system will be much less efficient or potentially hazardous.

Chimney are an integral part of your heating system and require regular maintenance and repair.


Chimney Sweeping

Creosote builds up with normal use of your fireplace or woodstove and should be removed from your chimney to prevent fires.

Fires started by creosote build up in the chimney flue burn hot and fast. Click here for more info.


Flue Repair

The flue is the internal piece of your chimney that removes the exhaust from your fireplace or woodstove to the outside. Flues can become damaged or blocked over time. The flue is where you will have the creosote buildup, is a fire hazard. We can clean, repair or replace your flue to minimise the risk of fire.


Crown & Cap Repair

Your chimney top is far from sight, but clearly exposed to potential problems. A stainless steel chimney cap and properly constructed chimney crown prevent damaging water penetration and deny access to birds, other animals and debris. We carry 100 % stainless steel caps and can also order them in copper or black.


Damper Repair

The Damper closes the flue to your fireplace when not in use. It prevents heat from escaping your home in cold weather and air conditioning from escaping your home in the summer. We can repair or replace faulty dampers; which will lower your heating AND cooling costs.






Call us now to book your installation - chimney ispection or sweeping: 

078 186 44158

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