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Pellet fuels are heating fuels made from compressed biomass. Wood Pellets are the most common type. A form of wood fuel, wood pellets are generally made from compacted sawdust or other wastes from sawmilling and other wood products manufacture. Other woody biomass sources include palm kernel shell, coconuts shell and whole-tree removal or tree   tops and branches leftover after logging and which otherwise help replenish soil nutrients.

A way of heating which offers environmental advantages, not just because it is waste material and it doesn't requires cutting down other trees, but above all, because the "dry" burning does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Using pellet heating helps the environment.

Wood Pellet Stoves are therefore an excellent source of heat that protects at the same time the natural resources of the planet. The ideal solution for those who are trying to find an efficient and economical way of heating. The Pellet Stove is the equivalent of a boiler, loading and ignition are automatic, while the fire intensity and temperature are regulated by a thermostat (even with the remote control). The stove is programmed according to your needs, and it does not need to be loaded several times in a day with the sawdust cylinders.


Pellet Stoves are easy to use,  you just have to select the desired temperature, and the stove will take care of everything else. Thanks to the large hopper of pellets it has several days autonomy. Simple, clean and safe, the pellet has a high calorific value and a great ease of use. 


Our pellet stoves are easy to locate, very practical to use and to be maintained, inexpensive because it emits large amounts of heat by optimising the combustion process of pellet, environmentally friendly because they guarantee a low smoke emission, easy to clean and their beautiful and elegant Italian design will perfectly fit in any environment.


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