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 Pellet Stoves 

Eco Fire Stoves can guide you through the process of choosing the right  pellet stove  for your heating needs, through to the installation by one of our fully qualified HETAS and Gas engineers.

We are main agents for Palazzetti, giving customers a broad range of designs to choose from. So if it is ultra modern or a traditional style you desire, we have it all. Our expert staff will guide you through the technical aspect of your installation and help you find the perfect stove for your needs.  We import directly from Italy.

Our warranty is for Two years, one year parts and labour, and one year parts only, consumables such as the igniter and glass are not covered. The igniter will generally last for about 2000 operations and will be replaced by us at each annual service. Prices start at £1200 inclusive of VAT. Pellet stoves can be bought directly online from Europe but should anything go wrong you will on your own. The only sensible solution is to buy from a local supplier, who will give you back up and annual servicing.

What is a Wood Pellet Stove?

A Wood Pellet Stove burns small wood pellets 6mm diameter and up to 30mm long it requires a flue of 125mm diameter. Pellets are carbon neutral. The pellet stove automatically lights itself on a Programme or via a button. Pellet Stoves are generally contemporary but we also have designs which are similar in appearance to a Log stove. There are two basic types available. Most are “forced ventilation” where the hot air is blown out via a fan. Some are “Natural Convection” and heat is distributed in a similar way to a Convection log stove. This method allows a larger flame pattern to replicate a more natural fire. Pellet stoves are very reliable.

A Pellet Stove will cost less than half as much to run compared to buying logs for £75 plus per Builders bag, and will cost about the same to run as Mains Gas. Wood pellets for stoves are supplied in 10/15kg plastic bags and can be purchased for £255 per ton, delivered. One ton will normally last a full season and can be stored in a space no larger than the average underside of a stair case. Whereas the space required for Logs can be 6/7 times larger. The Glass is kept clean with an “Air Wash” but will require a quick wipe over once a day to maintain the appearance. A Pellet Stove will require filling every 1 to 3 days and ash will require emptying once a week, producing about half a mug full of ash. A Log Stove will require hourly attention and will need emptying every day.


Pellet stoves are much cleaner to use than Log stoves, smoke often blows back into the room and logs can roll-out onto the floor causing damage, Logs are dirty and heavy and bulky. None of these issues effect Pellet stoves, they are very clean to use. The heat from Log stoves can be very uncontrollable and will often become so hot that it will become unbearable, the room will take an age to cool down as the Log stove retains heat for many hours. A Log stove will take up to 2 hours to bring the room to the desired temperature. Whereas the Pellet stove will achieve this in 20 minutes. The Pellet stove will maintain the desired temperature +/- 2 deg. The Heat rating of a Log stove is very important due to its uncontrollability, whereas providing the pellet stove is large enough for the room the heat rating of a Pellet stove can be any size as the casing does not get hot and the stove is fully modulating burning only what is required. All pellet stoves are fully programmable with two cycle times a day meaning that your home will be warm when you get up and when you return home. Most of the range are operated via remote control. Some models have a built in humidifier Chamber which can be scented to your taste. Pellet Stoves are on average 94% efficient and the average log stove is 75% these Percentages relate to the heat transferred to the room against that which escapes into the atmosphere.

What are the advantages of Pellet stoves over Log stoves?

The Flame pattern of the log stove is more vibrant and they do not need the small amount of electricity required to operate the fans and controls. A pellet stove requires an annual service and as with other solid fuel appliances, the flue will also require cleaning annually.

What are the advantages of a Log stove to a Pellet Stove?

A pellet stove is the most advanced, efficient, and effective room heater available.

Wood Pellets are readily available and our nearest supplier is Forever Fuels who have a depot in Middlewich. The UK manufacture three times its domestic requirements. There are many suppliers who will deliver to your door. Wood Pellets are highly compressed softwood with no additives. The natural Lignin in the wood is released due to the amount of pressure exerted, the Lignin acts as the binder. The wood pellets used must be manufactured to EN14961-2. This standard is required to maintain your warranty and will ensure a clean burn.

Should you be looking for ease of use, good styling, controlled heat, a good flame pattern, cleanliness, and automatic programmable heat with low fuel costs? Then it’s wood pellet every time!

Pubs and Bars where Log stoves are lit throughout the heating season are increasingly finding that this is very labour intensive and costly. A pellet stove requires very little attention and the “forced ventilation” can easily heat the whole area, without the need to operate the main heating system. This produces a huge triple saving, 1. Fuel will be up to 65% cheaper than logs. 2. Cost of main fuel type can be vastly reduced. 3. Labour time saved in feeding lighting, and cleaning the stove will be reduced by 90%, thus freeing up staff for more productive work..

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