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Forma by RIKA

Forma by RIKA

Forma - slimline woodburning stove

The FORMA woodburning stove is a slimline, space saving stove in the typical RIKA design. The main focus of the stove is quite clearly the fire, which is visible from two sides through the angular glass panel. The design of the FORMA woodburning stove makes it an ideal choice for a corner site.

Hand crafted to order, please allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Design Features

Top or Rear Flue
Modern Sleek Design
RLS System
Corner design
Product option: Matt Black
  • Details

    Efficiency Rating C E 13240
    81.3 %
    Nominal Heat Output
    7.0 kw
    Warranty Period Standard
    1 years
    Maximum Heat Output
    8.5 kw
    Flue Diameter Internal
    150 mm
    External Air Diameter
    125 mm
    Fresh Air Connection Height
    320 mm
    Height to Centre Rear Flue
    136 mm
    1539 mm
    584 mm
    584 mm
    Distance to Rear Combustables
    200 mm
    Distance to side Combustables
    200 mm
    Distance Rear Non-Combustables
    100 mm
    Distance Side Non-Combustables
    100 mm
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