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Wood biomasses

Why use wood biomasses for heating purposes?

Fossil fuels currently satisfy more than 85% of the world's energy demand. Amongst these, the most used fuel is petrol.

Nevertheless, petrol reserves are primary, non-renewable energy sources that will soon run out. In addition to this, using them causes serious environmental problems, both short-term (degradation of sites and pollution caused by the products of combustion) and in the long term (greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane cause a global increase in temperature and potentially catastrophic unbalancing effects on the climate).

It is thus clear that, in this scenario, sources of energy such as gas, fuel oil, natural gas and liquid petroleum gas (the fuels most widely used for heating purposes) are in no way eco-sustainable and their continuously rising costs have very negative effects on family budgets.

From an ecological viewpoint, the proper exploitation (even from a technological viewpoint) of renewable sources of energy such as wood, pellets or solar energy is sustainable for nature and falls under a global strategy of reduction and reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere (The Kyoto Protocol). Palazzetti has always invested energies and resources to create products capable of guaranteeing very high performances and of reducing the impact on the environment to a minimum while controlling harmful emissions without compromising on heat efficiency. Nevertheless, just any type of fire is not sufficient to obtain healthy and natural heat. It is important to choose what to burn and, above all, how to burn it, carefully.

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