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Aduro 9-5

Aduro 9-5

Smoke-Controlled Stoves are DEFRA approved for use in smoke exempt urban, town and city zones.
The Aduro 9-5 is a tall stove with an impressively large glass area. In the new Aduro 9-5 the combustion chamber has been raised in order to acheive easier handling and a perfect view of the flames. In spite of the height the soft and organic lines give an air of lightness to the stove. Underneath the combustion chamber there is a large storage area behind the door. The Aduro 9-5 has the same effective combustion chamber which is found in the other wood burning stoves in the Aduro series. And the unique Aduro-tronic technology makes the oven easy to operate, the Aduro 9-5 is a C02 neutral heat source which lives up the strictest environmental standards.
Product option: Matt Black
  • Details

    ItemAduro 9-5 - DEFRA Black
    Warranty:5 Years
    Nominal Power:6 kW
    Operational Power:3-9 kW
    Weight:115 Kg
    Flue Diameter:150mm Top/Rear
    Max Log Length:39 cm
    Distance to combustibles:back 15 cm, side 70 cm
    Dimensions (HxWxD):1200 x 500 x 447 mm
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